Just like in humans, the majority of a cat’s immunity resides in its digestive tract; so keeping it balanced with an array of good bacteria is a great way to ensure that your feline stays healthy. One possible way to do that is by supplementing your cat’s diet with probiotics – friendly bacteria that help to regulate digestive and overall health. These live microorganisms are believed to help treat or prevent a variety of illnesses and diseases, especially those related to the gastrointestinal system.


腸道是喵咪最大的免疫系統, 腸道的健康又會直接影響貓咪的抵抗力好與壞。而確保你的貓腸道內有足夠的益菌就可以提升貓咪的整體健康,還可改善及預防一些腸胃道的疾病。

汪喵配方選用大廠原材料, 來源透明安全!

直接加入貓咪食物中, 為了保持最佳效用, 請勿加熱!

Taiwan Dog Cat Star Probiotic Supplements 台灣汪貓益生菌 (原味)