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Cats may become stressed by many things. Just what stresses cats out is not always obvious, and stress may manifest in many forms. Commonly seen signs of feline stress may include any of the following:

  • aggression towards people or other pets
  • urine marking (spraying) or going outside the box
  • hiding
  • not eating
  • even hair loss, a condition called psychogenic alopecia


Some of the more "nervous" personality cats are easily stressed by many things—a new baby, loss of another pet, visitors, loud noises, other cats, and so on. What is surprising to many people is that even the more "laid back" cats can become stressed, even if outwardly still calm.


Dog Cat Star Stress Relief Supplement combined natural l-theanine Suntheanine®, Tryptophan by Ajinomoto, γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), Yeast Exact (SAMe), these are the proven ingredients to reduce stress.


貓咪是心思細密的毛寶貝, 也因為對周遭事物敏感度高, 會很容易壓力爆發, 輕則可能引起貓感冒症狀, 嚴重的可能導致過度GROOMING, 掉毛, 皮膚病, 腸胃病或行為問題, 所以請勿忽視情緒管理.



Taiwan Dog Cat Star Stress Relief Support 台灣汪貓舒壓保健粉

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