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Dream Catcher Series:

With its natural colors this toys will be your cat's favorite teaser toy!


Cat ToysSize (Cm) : L 54 x W 1.5 x H 1.5

Features:• Stimulate Cat Natural instinct to play• With feather and wood beads


超高品質的逗貓棒, 有別於一般的塑膠棒, AFP 這款全枝包皮, 配以真羽毛和木珠, 非常好看也好耐玩!  喜歡印地安DREAM CATCHER 系列的, 不要錯過!

AFP Dream Catcher Feather Storm Teaser Toy 美國 AFP 印第安系列貓流蘇逗貓棒

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