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Camily 一貫的花園森林主題

  • 全手工製作陶瓷碗
  • 減少細菌滋生
  • 陶瓷可以避免下巴黑頭問題
  • 加高設計讓貓貓輕鬆進食
  • 保護頸椎
  • 飯後不容易吐


Camily garden collection, ceramic footed food bowl/ water bowl

  • Hand made premium quality ceramic
  • Ceramic helps avoid blackhead on cat's chin
  • Footed design let your cat eats in natural position
  • Protect your cat's spine
  • Avoid vomiting after meal

Camily 花園系列高腳食物深碗/淺碗 Camily garden collection flower food bowl

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