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Cat Inn Handmade Premium Jute Scratching Post

Introducing our premium jute cat scratcher, crafted for the discerning feline. Made from high-quality, durable jute material imported from Bengal, this scratcher provides the perfect outlet for your cat's natural scratching instincts. Unlike cheap quality cat scratchers made from sisal, our jute scratcher ensures comfort for your cat's toe beans, encouraging frequent use and promoting healthy scratching habits. Its sleek design seamlessly blends with your home decor, offering both style and functionality. With multiple color options available, you can find the perfect fit for your home.


Cat Inn高級手工貓抓柱




L size: Pole diameter 10cm/ pole height 70cm/ Plate 40cm

S size: Pole diameter 8cm/ pole height 60/ Plate 35cm

大碼: 柱體直徑 10cm/高 70cm/底座寬 40cm

細碼: 柱體直徑 8cm/高 60cm/底座寬 35cm


*Free Delivery not applicable

Cat Inn 高級手工貓抓柱 Handmade Premium Jute Scratching Post

  • 由於貓抓柱的尺寸和重量,我們無法提供免費送貨的服務。貓抓柱在送達時將會收取送貨費用。感謝您的理解 !

    Due to the size and weight of the cat scratcher, we regret to inform you that free delivery is not available. However, you can still place your order, and the delivery fee will be collected upon the arrival of your purchase. We appreciate your understanding and are excited for your feline friend to enjoy the benefits of our premium cat scratcher.

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