Lafancys has over 30 years in producting the best grooming products and they believe the main elements that create healthy hair are pH, protein and moisture.  Lafancy's is a brand that has been widely recognized as "the highest level of quality in the industry" 


  • A hypoallergenic prescription, this shampoo is recommended for sensitive skin and puppies and kitten with sensitve skin. 
  • Contains special protein marine collagen PPT.
  • Weakly acidic (around pH 5), fragrance-free, legal pigment-free formulation. It is easy to use  even every day.  It is a fine and gentle foam with moisturizing ingredients moisturize dry skin and keep it moisturized.
  • Undiluted solution is used.


Lafancys 成立於1988年, 是日本殿堂級的洗護品牌, 共擁有超過30年的毛孩洗毛產品經驗.  弱酸性PH5, 特殊蛋白質P.P.T 是產品的核心理念.  30年來, 產品的安心品質, 出眾的效果深得繁育者和毛孩家長的喜愛.   1609 Super Natural 是專為幼貓幼犬而設計, 低致敏和保濕P.T.T. 蛋白可以安心每天洗用.


Product Size: 200ml


Japan Lafancys 1609d Super Natural Kitten Puppy Shampoo 日本殿堂級 Lafancys低敏幼犬幼貓香波護毛