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Lafancys has over 30 years in producting the best grooming products and they believe the main elements that create healthy hair are pH, protein and moisture.  Lafancy's is a brand that has been widely recognized as "the highest level of quality in the industry" 


NK 12 is a beautiful shampoo for fluffy hair and volume, suitable for most of cat breeds such as Persian, Ragdoll, Exotic...etc.  To acheive the best result, pair it up with NK22 conditioner.


Lafancys 成立於1988年, 是日本殿堂級的洗護品牌, 共擁有超過30年的毛孩洗毛產品經驗.  弱酸性PH5, 特殊蛋白質P.P.T 是產品的核心理念.  30年來, 產品的安心品質, 出眾的效果深得繁育者和毛孩家長的喜愛.  NK12 是簡單又有效的蓬鬆洗護液, 建議洗2次, 再加上NK22 蓬鬆護毛效果更佳!



Japan Lafancys NK12 NK22 Treatment Shampoo Rinse 日本殿堂級 Lafancys 蓬鬆香波護毛

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