Raised food bowl make your cat eats easier as the bowl will not slide across the floor.  Your cat will be eating more comfortably with appropriate height bowls.  It reduce joint & muscle stress while eating, and helps with the cat's digestion as well as preventing the cat from vomit after meals.


高存碗能讓喵咪吃飯時保持著自然的姿勢, 保護背椎.  好的吃飯姿勢也可以幫助食物進入胃部, 減少飯後嘔吐的問題.


日本手工製, 產品配有淺陶瓷碗 / 深陶瓷碗 / 不銹鋼碗, 完全可以按寶貝高度和臉型來選, 糖果配色好出彩!



尺寸: W 132 x D132 x H87 (mm)
重量: 445g
容量: 200ml (陶瓷碗) / 320ml (陶瓷碗) / 320ml (不銹鋼)



尺寸: W 132 x D132 x H137 (mm)
重量: 520g
容量: 200ml (淺陶瓷碗) / 320ml(深陶瓷碗) / 320ml ( 不銹鋼)



尺寸: W 180 x D180 x H170 (mm)
重量: 520g
容量: 440ml (淺陶瓷碗) / 660ml(深陶瓷碗)



Japan Pecolo Footed Pet Bowl 日本製 PECOLO 陶瓷高架碗