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Our exclusive new design, the Purr-a-Boo® Cave is a perfect union of play and sleep. Cats, and even some small dogs, up to 18 lbs, will have a ball jumping in and through the cave, and then when they're tuckered out, can cuddle up and take a cozy nap.



Why Karma Cat products?


  • Natural Fiber are bio degradable whereas synthetic fiber are bad for the planet.
  • Dharma  Dog & Karma Cat products are all handmade in Himalaya with highest quality pure nepal wool which remains the natural lanolin oil.  The scent of lanolin oil naturally attracts & soothes pets, it reminds them of their mother.
  • It is anti microbial and odor resistant.
  • Lanoli oil help regulates temperature, so it warms in winter and cools in summer.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: The principle is to use as few material as well as few manufacturing steps as possible.  All dyes used are Axo Free with a low impact process.  Less enegery is used in the production.
  • GOOD FOR PEOPLE: Your bed was handcrafted with love by women artisans in Nepal, and your purchase supports them and their families with a fair living wage and a secure working environment.







Karma Cat Wool Felt Purr-a-boo cave 美國 Karma Cat 喜馬拉雅山手工羊毛窩

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