Meni One Eye Lysine is recommended by Japan Veterinary Association.


L-lysine is an amino acid that supports antibody, hormone and enzyme production, as well as providing antioxidant properties. L-lysine competes with L-arginine, which is the amino acid required by the herpes virus to replicate, therefore L-lysine is proved to treat cat flu symtoms effectively.  L-lysine also supports collagen formation and tissue repair to promote healthy skin,  L-Lysine is perfect for multi-cat households, boarding, kittens, and senior cats.



Lysine 是很多貓咪都長期服用的補養品, 因為天氣轉換, 環境轉換, 什至壓力也會引起疱疹病毒復發, 令貓咪有眼睛紅腫, 流眼水, 眼睛半開的結膜炎症狀. Meni One 的效果非常顯著, 用後覺得比很多膏狀的效果好太多了, 而且沒異味道, 貓咪不抗拒, 很容易餵服喔!

60包 X 每包500mg
服用量:每天1包,嚴重時可以增加到每天2包 )


Meni One Eye Lysine 日本眼科獸醫協會點名的推薦品