ZEAL® 100% Pure Natural pet treats are wholesome, trustworthy and traceable to source. These are perfect for training, a quick reward, or even to crumble on top of food as a topper!

Our treats are made from premium New Zealand free range meats and wild caught seafood. Absolutely NO colourings, flavours, additives or preservatives are used in the manufacturing process. Treat your pets with a tasty and healthy source of nutrients.



Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the pouched product zip-locked for freshness. If buying bulk bags, keep the unused product in an airtight container for freshness and hygiene.

Natural Freeze Dried New Zealand Chicken (50%) and Natural Freeze Dried New Zealand Beef (50%)



ZEAL®100%純天然寵物零食既健康,可信賴,又可追溯食材來源。 零食是在奧克蘭的奧克蘭工廠手工製作的,採用新西蘭優質的放養肉和野生捕撈的海鮮製成。 在生產過程中絕對不使用色劑,調味劑,添加劑或防腐劑。 是美味,健康又營養的貓貓零佞。



NZ Zeal Freeze Dried Chicken & Beef Snack 紐西蘭 ZEAL 雞牛凍乾小食