Introducing Petsmile®, the first & only dental care toothpaste recommended by the Veterinarian Oral Health Council (VOHC). Petsmile’s exclusive Calprox® formula is clinically proven to safely inhibit plaque formation for healthier teeth and gums. Petsmile also keeps your pet’s breath fresh. All without the need to brush.

Petsmile can be applied with a fingertip or our exclusive swabs. Or you can use a toothbrush if your pet will let you. Petsmile goes to work immediately to attack plaque from bacteria, acid, food and saliva. And it dissolves in the mouth safely and effectively. No wonder it’s recommended by pets and vets.

Petsmile does more than promote oral care, it also tastes great according to pets. In clinical testing, more dogs preferred the taste of Petsmile’s exclusive Beef formula. It’s never been so easy to care for your pet's teeth. 

Good for dogs and cats.







⭕️臨床實驗證明牙菌斑減少62%,牙齦炎減少28% 🏵特點:

⭕️美國獸醫口腔健康協會(VOHC) 唯一認証牙膏








⭐️使用方法: 擠出適量牙膏,然後輕輕在牙齒上按摩。如果你的寵物讓你刷牙, 也可以使用牙刷。


🧡成份及功效: Calprox: 獨家專利配方,可溫和溶解牙齒斑、細菌、污漬附著的蛋白質薄膜。 

PetSmile Professional Pet Toothpaste 美國 PetSmile 獸醫專業牙膏