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The Cuddle Pal provides soothing comfort when your pet has anxiety! The soft, cozy shape can be cuddled for comfort when sleeping or stressed. Buckwheat packet inside can be microwaved to provide warmth. It’s machine washable too!

  • WARMTH THAT SOOTHES: If your pet has separation anxiety, the Petstages Cuddle Toy is a great choice to help reduce their stress and help them sleep. Just place the buckwheat filled pouch in the microwave- once warmed, seal back into the Cuddle Pal for comforting warmth.
  • FILLED WITH BUCKWHEAT: A removable pouch on this microwaveable cuddle toy can easily be placed in your microwave and is filled with buckwheat for more natural comfort.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: To wash your pet’s Cuddle Toy, simply remove the buckwheat pouch and place the shell in your washing machine for cleaner cuddle time.
  • SOFT COZY SHAPE: Great for cuddling when pets are sleeping or stressed
  • SUPER CUDDLY: This toy has a soft exterior that pets love to cuddle


  • 為貓貓提供温暖及舒適的休息環境,
  • 特別適合幼貓
  • 適合天氣寒冷時使用
  • 蕎麥包可放入微波爐加熱
  • 當貓貓睡覺時, 柔軟及舒適的小貓形狀可幫助舒緩壓力
  • 絨布外套可放於洗衣機清洗





只可以將蕎麥包放入微波爐加熱, 並 預設温度至"高"及"30秒"


Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal 貓貓蕎麥暖笠笠陪伴枕

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