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Because cats often find themselves at home alone, they may become bored and inactive, needing help to find appropriate entertainment to stay energized. Toys that stimulate the senses will awaken her curiosity and prompt her into activity, reducing boredom and inappropriate behaviors. Catnip, sound and motion can all draw and keep kitty's attention, Petstages' energizing toys excite the senses of scent, sight and hearing to arouse and keep your cat's interest.


Key Benefits

  • Filled with 100% premium catnip to help entice your kitty.
  • Made without any unnecessary fillers or artificial scents.
  • Stimulating her natural instincts may prevent destructive boredom.
  • Ideal for interactive play and encouraging indoor cats to exercise.
  • Colors and patterns are shipped at random for a fur-iffic surprise each time.


  • 特別適合愛咬咬及踢踢的貓貓
  • 加入天然有機貓草令貓貓玩個不停
  • 質地柔軟舒適, 適合陪伴





Petstages Mightie Mouse Catnip Toy 大老鼠貓草踢踢玩具

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