- Air circulation technology


-Low noise drying with give your furbie a stress free drying experience.  They will never dislike shower anymore!


-Drying your furbie without worrying hair flying all over your house.  The patented dust & fur collector is easy to clean.


- Low power consumption.


- Easy to assemble & store.


原裝行貨連保養, 4 色可選.


從此解放雙手, 也不用吹毛吹到全屋子都是毛了.  VUUM 的烘毛機一直各寵物美容也採用的品牌, 也深受各毛爸媽的喜愛, 主要是品質和效果真的很好, 比起TB 的更令我們用的安心.

VUUM Pop Pet dry room 韓國 VUUM POP PET 烘毛箱