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Cat Charmer is an interactive cat toy designed to charm. With a clear polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic exercise and is a safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids.  Now with bright new candy colored wands and a fun selection of fabric patterns.

  • Watch your kitty jump and play as you twirl and whirl this fun teaser cat toy
  • Excellent for aerobic activity
  • Safe, interactive toy for all kittens and cats
  • Cat Dancer toy comes with flexible wand and colorful fabric ribbon


Cat Charmer 彩虹貓棒是經典中的經典, 絕對是每個貓家庭都辰囤的一款


耐咬布料可負30LB 重力


Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer 彩虹逗貓棒

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