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型號 FC1526-B 
◆ 大面積網布透氣通風
◆ 超輕量僅450g
◆ 超輕薄,收納後僅5cm
◆ 上方網窗可自由關起或掀開
◆ 內附安全扣環/保潔墊
◆ EVA底部不易塌陷
◆ 空間舒適無壓迫


Ultralight pet carrier gives you full support; the large mesh fabric assures great ventilation, and the hardshell bottom gives your fur kids extra stability support. It comes in the never-out-of-fashion Khaki and Navy blue color. 


◆ Ultra-light weight
◆ Small pets friendly.
◆ One side pocket
◆ EVA bottom.
◆ Top entrance

IBIYAYA breathable light weight carrier bag 台灣 IBIYAYA 透氣網布輕便貓咪外出包

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