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Lafancys has over 30 years in producting the best grooming products and they believe the main elements that create healthy hair are pH, protein and moisture.  Lafancy's is a brand that has been widely recognized as "the highest level of quality in the industry" 


A lotion that uses the synergistic action of two types of natural plant extracts to wipe off tears, prevent discoloration, and maintain a smooth and beautiful coat. It eliminates the stench caused by tears. Contains special protein marine collagen PPT that keeps the hair beautiful and healthy. It is mild (around pH 5) and  fragrance-free.


Lafancys 成立於1988年, 是日本殿堂級的洗護品牌, 共擁有超過30年的毛孩洗毛產品經驗.  弱酸性PH5, 特殊蛋白質P.P.T 是產品的核心理念.  30年來, 產品的安心品質, 出眾的效果深得繁育者和毛孩家長的喜愛.   Clean Face 是專為毛孩的面部清潔而設, 包括淚痕, 咀邊飲食後, 白色和淺色貓貓泛黃, 式日常的臉部清潔, 適合每天使用.



Lafancys Clean Face 日本殿堂級 Lafancys 面部淚痕清潔液

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