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AAFCO Approved


My Natural Cat Plus Liver,  you do not have to add raw liver to this premix.

This  homemade raw meat cat food premix for cat and kittens as early as 5 weeks old and it very much resembles a raw diet that felines would eat in the wild when mixed with raw meats. The recipe requires only the addition of raw meat and water. The result is a nutritionally balanced raw food diet for felines of all ages.


Ingredients:Dried Egg Yolk, Chicken Liver Powder, Calcium Lactate, Gelatin, Psyllium Husks Powder (organic), Kelp (Organic), Taurine, Adrenal Glands (New Zealand range fed), Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopheryl succinate), Complex B Vitamin, Magnesium Citrate 


大家都知道貓咪是全肉食動物, 而生肉因為沒被加工加熱, 完整保存貓咪需要的營養。 而且已經有海量的例子, 生肉餵養後治好了很多喵咪的病患。  一直有很多貓爸媽想嘗試生肉餵飼,但怕麻煩或不懂得如何處理或添加內臟骨量。。。

My natural Cat 生肉預拌粉就是您的好幫手了!

不需要絞骨頭, 絞內臟,只需將營養粉加水,然後拌入生牛肉/雞肉就成為貓貓的營養大餐囉!




*由熟食轉到生食, 需要時間讓貓咪調整, 不能操之過急.  需要了解更多的可以來電褓母詳細解答

* 705 gram 新包裝

* 餵飼份量請留意包裝上詳細說明

* My Natural Cat 也建議大家加入魚油

* CAT INN 貓回家是美國My Natural Cats 生肉預拌粉的香港唯一零售店

* 影片為香港資深繁育者Angel Lo 介紹她使用生肉粉的心得

(Video Credit: Angel Lo)   





My Natural Cat Feline Instinct Raw Diet Premix Powder with liver 美國生肉預拌粉

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