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Spacious & vertical room

All our rooms are built high ceiling for your fur babies to jump up and down.  Rooms are set with neutral colors and furbished with wooden furniture to give a harmonic & homelike atmosphere.  With the 1500 sq ft indoor area and 600 sq ft outdoor cat run, your fur kids will have lots of space to exercise!  

A Deluxe Double Room for Cat Boarding decorated with wood

Design for Cats

Fresh air & hygiene is one of the most important factor to keep our furbies healthy and happy.  Our rooms are equipped with individual air ventilation and water drainage, your furry friends are guaranteed to have odor free and freshly washed place for the stay.  Our 24hrs recording camera will allow you to check on your furbies anytime!

Outdoor Cat Run

All cats love getting some outdoor time.   Our fully fenced outdoor cat run are completed shaded and filled with greens.  Your furbies get to go out there everyday and give themselves a good stretch, at the same time, enjoying sun and breeze, and maybe take a nice long nap...

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